November 14, 2013

Summer 2013

Obviously, blogging has been way on the backburner with all the craziness of Brian finishing his Ph.D (hopefully in December! Fingers crossed!) and our big move to Maryland. I've cut way back on all media lately and it's been really nice. But I'm starting to feel like I'd like to get back into it, so here is an old post I've had sitting around with some cute pictures of the girls from Summer 2013.
I realized I never posted any pictures of Elizabeth's 3rd "Cowgirl Princess" party.  I think they are actually still on my camera. I'm so bad at downloading pictures off it, it isn't even funny.  I was able to steal a few from my sister's new blog though, so happy to share to cuteness!
I broke down and let her have some non-healthy cake. Ha!
My Dad got her first official Disney princess dress. HUGE hit. She still wears it almost every day. She's pretty much always either naked or in a princess dress this past year.
 Her first bike from Brian's parents!

These are the goats we got our milk from this Summer. I've mentioned in the past that we don't drink store cow's "milk", but the raw goats' milk was amazing and didn't give me any problems whatsoever.

They had ponies, horses, kittens, and chickens at the farm too. Such a fun experience each time we went.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Elizabeth. I still love going in to see her sleeping each night.

This is another favorite picture of Elizabeth. She wanted to "finger paint" :)  This pretty much sums up the personality of our little free spirit!


Charlotte when she was first sitting up with some help around 6 months. Now she is ALL over the place. She is into everything!! I can't count how many times a day I pull little objects out of her mouth that she somehow finds after I think I've cleared everything. I found her halfway up the stairs once before I had any clue she could climb stairs. She is drawn to outlets like a magnet. I'm pretty sure she gave herself an electric shock yesterday. It's a full time job keeping her alive lately! Oye!

Sleeping Beauty.

I started solids with Charlotte around 6 months and she took to it like a hungry duck to water! She's loved everything so far, but actually prefers veggies to fruit. She especially loves feeding herself. I'm not doing any dry cereal or grains with her. Babies don't have the enzymes to digest them until their molars come in, around 1-2. In fact, we're going gluten free as a family. I found an amazing new doctor that confirmed my thoughts on how much damage it does to the body.

Elizabeth came to me one day and took me by the hand to show me a picture of "Mommy princess!", one of our wedding photos. She was sooo excited about it. I asked if she wanted to see Mommy's "princess dress". The rest was priceless.

Blew my mind right off to see our daughter in my wedding dress!

Blew Daddy away too...not in a good way ;)

Charlotte still kills everyone that meets her with her smiley sweetness.

My favorite picture of her of all time at 8 months old.

We braved a trip to North and South Carolina this Summer for Brian's grandpa's 90th birthday and a vacation with my family on Hilton Head. This was Charlotte's first time in a big girl carseat and she loved it. There were some hairy moments where all 4 or us were crying or wanting to cry, but overall the girls were wonderful and we had a blast!


Bad parenting 101: About 8 hrs in on one leg of the trip, Elizabeth got out of the car to go to the bathroom and didn't want to get back in (understandably! I wasn't thrilled about it either!), so I told Brian to run and get her a munchkin to bribe her back in. Worked like a charm.

Hilton Head was fabulous!

Summer is looong gone. We just played out in the first snow of the year two days ago here in Ohio! I am hanging low with the girls at my Dad's house so Brian can focus on just finishing his degree in New York.  He's starting his new job in Maryland the first week of January. We are really excited about this big change and are hoping it's going to be a much better life for our family.  We still don't know where we're living down there yet. Hopefully we'll find a place when Brian and I go down (as a Mommy and Daddy's night away! Yay!!) the weekend after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to getting back together as a family soon. And really looking forward to the holidays this year with the girls and our families!

October 3, 2013

Speaking of 'On the Move..."

Speaking of Charlotte being on the move in the last post. She REALLY started moving these past few weeks and is crawling all over and pulling up on everything.

Oh..and we're all MOVING out of state in 2 weeks!!

Brian put in his resignation as a full-time pilot last week and is going to part-time now and starting a new job in aeronautical engineering in southern Maryland the beginning of January!

We are moving out of the house in 2 weeks and the girls and I will stay in Ohio for a month while Brian works non-stop (as he has been for months. Oye!) on finishing his PhD in November. We will all be homeless by choice for a few months and looking forward to it. I've been working like a crazy person for weeks now getting rid of anything and everything excess that I don't want to carry over into our new life. It feels amazing and so freeing!! We want to down-size to a smaller house that we're working of designing and are very excited!

I loved having the sunken family room to contain Elizabeth as a baby. Worked for like months. Charlotte was up and out in two days!

I took the girls to a Fall Festival in our town this weekend.

Pumpkin painting, bounce house, hay toss. Simple but lots of fun!

Loves these girls (even more in matching Halloween outfits!)

Somebody LOVES this big girl stuff!!!

We've busted out our Halloween matching outfits! Elizabeth is finally starting to cooperate about me picking out her clothes again.

Elizabeth today at library story hour. She was VERY focused on her sequin leaf craft. She kept working for like 20 mins after all the other kids had left. Just look at that concentration. So cute!!
A girlfriend invited me to an organic meal on the farm the other weekend. SO fun!!
Brian going down for his job interview. Trading in his flight suit for a business suit. I could get used to this! ;)  Especially the 40 hour work week!! The 60 hrs he's been working just about killed me these last few months. No joke!
We can't get out of here and on to our new life fast enough! Crazy times, but very exciting!

September 9, 2013

Charlotte's First Tooth and on the Move

I've been so bad about recording Charlotte's milestones, but I had to make a note that I just noticed her first tooth breakthrough today at 8 months and 6 days old! It's on the bottom left, but it looks like the other bottom one is ready to pop any day now too.

I'm actually a little surprised because her teething hasn't been bad at all. I just checked because I noticed that the past week or so she's just been a little off...being happy as long as I'm in the room with her, but having a total meltdown the second I'm out of her sight.  She just seemed to have trouble being settled and happy for any extended period, but was happy as a clam as long as I was holding her. I also noticed a tiny bit of drooling yesterday. She really hasn't been going crazy gnawing on anything, interestingly enough.

I made a homemade herbal teething tincture, with catnip, chamomile, and cloves that seems to have helped take the edge off any little bit of discomfort she's in. (made in brandy, so maybe that has something to do with it :)  but it's just a drop rubbed on her gums and I feel better about that than some questionable ingredients in other teething gels out there). I also really like homeopathic teething tabs. I used them with Elizabeth too and used to called them her happy pills because they worked so well. Charlotte is so happy to begin with though, I'm afraid if she gets any happier she'll burst! :)

She's also really on the move lately! It's amazing how well she can get around with rolling, scooting, and pivoting.  She super close to crawling (forward. she can crawl backwards a bit), but she has more interest in working on standing. She gets on all fours and straightens her legs with her hands on the ground. She's really frustrated she can't get around the way she would like to. A few nights ago, she was sitting up in her crib when I went to get her. Last night she kept sitting up and getting stuck and crying for help.

She loooves this big girl stuff.
(This may be my most favorite picture ever! :)
I also have to comment on how crazy-busy those little hands of hers are! They are constantly working and exploring. I have to keep something in them at all times, because she if she isn't holding something, she'll stop at nothing to get something in them, including trying to fling herself out of my arms to grab anything nearby! I barely had to babyproof anything with Elizabeth, but I have a feeling things might be a little different with this one!
Makes it easy to entertain her. I can just put her on the floor now and keep tossing different toys at her and she'll entertain herself really well.  She LOVE rattles and anything that makes noise when she shakes it. It's funny because all her favorite toys are the ones Elizabeth couldn't care less about.

This big bundle of joy is getting big so fast! It hit me the other day how close she's getting to a year!
Couldn't love her more! :)

August 12, 2013

From the Fashion Files of 3 year Old Elizabeth

Elizabeth's fierce independence and quirky personality just cracks me up and lights up my life (mostly in a good way :)   It's like pulling teeth of a greased pig trying to get her into presentable clothes to go out in public lately. She's always either naked or in a princess dress. No middle ground. But, every once in awhile, I'll tell her we're going somewhere and she'll just pop up dressed from head to toe. Those are good times. 
I was reminded the other day of this  "Fashion" Post about Elizabeth at a year old. It's so funny looking back and reading old posts and realizing now how much of her big personality has been shining through since she was a baby. 

This was getting ready for her "Cowgirl Princess" birthday can see the source of my inspiration for the theme!

This totally cracked me up. I've finally conceded lately that I've lost the battle with her hair. I'd give anything to style it in pigtails like I used to. Or I'd even settle for a single ponytail. But one day she discovered a pack of ponytail holders and went. to. town. She kept screaming at me, "More Ponies! MORE PONIES!!!!" And I'm all flustered, "ponying" as fast as I can, going, "I'm trying!! I can't fit anymore on your head!"
(We finally have a gorgeous FINISHED new front door! Yay!!)

At the beginning of the Summer she showed up ready to go somewhere in this hat. Whatever.

Took this over my shoulder in the car one day (Super safe, I know.)  Ha! My Mother in Law found those princess sunglasses while we were out shopping one day. Totally crack me up!

Hats and sunglasses were very in the beginning of this Season. But are soo Early Summer now!

Looks like she's walking the runway here! Lately she's been liking headbands but ONLY if she puts it on herself. Forget it if I even try to adjust one a bit.

This was actually one of the only times I can recall in recent memory that I was able to get her into an outfit I actually wanted her to wear.

She put her own little spin on it with the sunglasses, fancy shoes, and headband.

I'll never forget this particular outfit. I told her we were going to be going to Sesame Place in a few days, and she went and got put this outfit together and told me she was ready to go now! :)  Ha! As if she'd actually ever wear a sunhat in the sun! Zero chance of that lately.

And the princess dresses....ahh the princess dresses.  She wore this one for a few months straight until it practically deteriorated. Lately she's always in a purple one that is hanging on by a thread or her fancy Snow White dress my Dad got her for her birthday. She won't even wear pajamas anymore! Just princess dresses. That's what I get for swearing I'd never "do the princess thing with my girls!"  And for going out and buying her so many nice clothes. God does have a sense of humor!  Love this little girl and her BIG personality so much!!   Should be very interested in another 10 years!

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