April 21, 2011

Congrats Mr. Gyro!

On Tuesday we had so much fun going to Daddy's work to celebrate Ella's Daddy, Gyro, reaching 1,000 hours in the F-16! Isn't that amazing?? That's a lot of time just in a car! We're all so impressed and proud. Such a huge milestone.

We wanted to take the girls out to see the jets land. So we wanted make sure their ears were protected.

The results were hysterical!

I'm afraid all that hanging out with fighter pilots and jets went straight to somebody's head!  Looks like Elizabeth thought she was just too-cool-for-school here!

Brian and I decided we she isn't ready for such big girl clothes again like this jean jacket until she's like 13. I rushed home to get her back into some baby looking footed jammies!!

Pretty sure this is one of the most hilarious pictures I've ever seen.

Out on the flight line. Clearly they aren't impressed.

My how things can change in less than a year!....

This was the last time the girls were out there together!
(love how I'm holding my dress...just in case you couldn't tell I'm pregnant! I still had a month to go then too!! :)

Ella, Mommy, and Major Stein excited to see Daddy land!

Who ever thought a Spydr could be so handsome ;-)

Always excited to get a rare family shot!

Momma's ready!

To celebrate, they (usually the wife) spray him down with a firehose and champagne. How is that celebrating?? I don't even bother trying to figure out why fighter pilots do the things they do anymore.. But I'm certainly looking forward to when I get to do it to Spydr!!

I love Pappy, Francis, and Sonic in this picture! Clearly they enjoyed themselves! Not so sure about Gyro..

Elizabeth's onesie says "F-six-teeny" (thanks again Aunt B!!). Is it just m??.. I think that is like the funniest thing ever. I giggle to myself everytime I even think of it!

Just in case you were wondering where Ella gets those piercing blue eyes!!

Hanging with the boys.

Congratulations Gyro!!

And just to harass Gyro even more....here he is starring in the NY Jets "launch video"!
 (yes, I think Brian, being a huge Jets fan, is very jealous/impressed :)

I'm so proud of my husband, and all the boys, and it's such an honor to be a part of the Air Force/Guard family!!


Brittany Tally said...

She thinks she's pretty cool in that jean jacket! You better be careful, next she'll be wearing a leather jacket and joining a biker gang. (the f-sixteeny still fits her?)

Michelle Halvorsen said...

Awww! Thanks for sharing! We are so proud of those boys uh?
What a fun day...seeing those pictures of a year ago...WOW, crazy how much life has changed in the last year. Both pictures from very happy days! It was a lot easier getting around back then though!! :)
Thanks to Spyder for planning our 1,000 hr celebration! and thanks to you Mommy for helping us plan our wardrobes! :)

Aunt B said...

The jean jacket made Uncle Austin very proud!

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